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stop suffering with pain OR disABILITY!

triumph over
in just 5 days

JOIN the 5-Day TRiumph over neuropathy Challenge to

take back control of your life

(by learning the process to manage your peripheral neuropathy better than your doctor does!)
The challenge starts November 15 but
Registration close November 15 at midnight MST
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This Challenge is for you IF:

  • If you want to... UNDERSTAND Your Peripheral Neuropathy Better Than Your Doctor Does
  • If you want to... MANAGE The Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy Effectively
  • If you want to... CONTROL The Nerve Damage So The Neuropathy Symptoms Stop Getting Worse
  • If you want to... LIVE Your Dream Life Without The Distraction or Disability of Peripheral Neuropathy
When you are DIAGNOSED WITH PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY often your are given few if any options for managing the syptoms, let alone improving the nerve function.  Through this challenge you will learn to improve the Nerve Health and Stop the Nerve Pain.

Simply Follow This Plan And You Will Succeed

In conclusion, doing a 5-Day Triumph Over Neuropathy Challenge can make a huge, positive impact on your family, your job and even your life!
The Triumph Over Neuropathy Challenge guides you every step of the way!
And it’s more than a challenge, it’s also a framework or plan to
Reach Your Goals, Live Your Dream and Enjoy An Extraordinary Life
even with Peripheral Neuropathy.

It’s Time To Take The

5 Day Neuropathy CHALLENGE

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join Today!

Dr Brandt R Gibson is a specialist in Peripheral Neuropathy.  As such, his biggest goal and desire for you is a solution to the Discomfort, Distraction and Disability of Peripheral Neuropathy.  As a primer for the Challenge, Dr Gibson is providing the following FREE resources as part of this FREE Challenge.

Free eBook The Beginner's Guide To Peripheral Neuropathy

A special introductory eBook by Dr Brandt R Gibson for free to help you jump into managing your Peripheral Neuropathy with both feet even before the Challenge starts. 

Powerful Support Community

As part of this Challenge you will be given access to the special Facebook Community with other Challenge participants and support staff including Dr Gibson.  Have questions?  He will be available to answer at least daily.

Daily Trainings to
Triumph Over Neuropathy

Challenge Day 1: Your Secret Weapon To Beat Neuropathy In Your Life

Challenge Day 2: Understand Your Neuropathy Better Than Your Doctor Does

Challenge Day 3: Manage Your Peripheral Neuropathy Starting TODAY

Challenge Day 4: Control The Peripheral Nerve Damage

Challenge Day 5: Live An Extraordinary Life Even With Peripheral Neuropathy

Are You Ready?

YOUR FREE 5 Days to START Triumphing
Over Neuropathy is One Click Away!

Challenge Starts November 15... Don’t Miss Out

  • Daily trainings with me from November 15th
    through November 19th.
  • We’re going to give you tools daily to start managing your Peripheral Neuropathy.
  • As you implement the teachings each day you will begin to notice improvement.
  • Start living your life without the discomfort or distraction of Peripheral Neuropathy
Start Improving Today!
Here’s How:
  • Learn the #1 secret to Managing Your Peripheral Neuropathy.
  • Gain Understanding of Your Peripheral Neuropathy and what makes it unique.
  • Aggressively Manage Your Peripheral Neuropathy on a daily basis.
  • Stop continued Nerve Damage using the information learned in this challenge.
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