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triumph over
5 day Challenge
The challenge starts AUGUST 2nd
We can't wait to see you there!

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Dr Brandt R Gibson is a specialist in Peripheral Neuropathy.  As such, his biggest goal and desire for you is a solution to the Discomfort, Distraction and Disability of Peripheral Neuropathy.  As a primer for the Challenge, Dr Gibson is providing the following FREE resources as part of this FREE Challenge.
A special introductory eBook by Dr Brandt R Gibson for free to help you jump into managing your Peripheral Neuropathy with both feet even before the Challenge starts. 
As part of this Challenge you will be given access to the special Facebook Community with other Challenge participants and support staff including Dr Gibson.  Have questions?  He will be available to answer at least daily.

Daily Trainings to
Triumph Over Neuropathy

Challenge Day 1: Your Secret Weapon To Beat Neuropathy In Your Life

Challenge Day 2: Understand Your Neuropathy Better Than Your Doctor Does

Challenge Day 3: Manage Your Peripheral Neuropathy Starting TODAY

Challenge Day 4: Control The Peripheral Nerve Damage

Challenge Day 5: Live An Extraordinary Life Even With Peripheral Neuropathy

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